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our story starts with you..



The foodies, the health experts, and the wellness seekers

who believe in a good glass of green  juice. 

The flavor fanatics, the plant-based obsessed. 

The farmers, the growers, the makers, and the bakers. 

The sea moss lovers, the plant based burger aficionados, and those looking to heal. 

Our story starts with you. Right here. In our kitchen.

Welcome to Meals that Heal. 

Meals that Heal was started by a plant - based family that includes, herbalist, Eric T. ,

and professor Detrice R.  All have been plant - based in the Jackson area and are bringing meals that heal, not kill like so many "food establishments" housed in Jackson. Digestion starts outside the body.

Health is order ; disease is disorder. 


craveable food that boosts your mind & body..



Food is the very essence of our bodies. The mind is affected by the conditions of the body. So ultimately food affects our state of consciousness. As pointed out in the various spiritual scripts , plants ensure good health and longevity. 

Food and mindful dietary habits plays an important role in helping create and maintain the proper physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual balance necessary for good health. Proper cooking makes food delicious and digestible. Plant based food cooked with healing herbs and energizing spices can eliminate many of the toxins that have entered the body through polluted food, water, air, or sound. 

The health of our bodies, minds, and consciousness is a dependent on how we nourish ourselves; what is on your plate. 

The biological fire of digestion and metabolism provides energy for the body to function. 

It is no secret that we are literally made of what we eat, drink, and breathe. 

better food means

better living..



We do not handle meat , poultry, seafood, and eggs in our kitchen.

Our food is made by hand in our kitchen from vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. 

We do not have microwaves in our kitchen. 

Please allow ample time to partake of this food cooked the natural way.  

To ensure seasonal fresh ingredients, not every menu item is always available. 

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unfamiliar favorites, reimagined..




Our kitchen is exclusively free of any animal by-product(honey, gelatin, lard, etc.). 

We use grape seed oil which is cholesterol free , trans fat free, non hydrogenated, and is not GENETICALLY MODIFIED. 

We use natural spring water which is hygienic, healthier, and tastier while satisfying your taste buds. 

We use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup , molasses, agave nectar, fruit purees, juices, and NO processed white sugar. 

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